SAP FI Consult

My most routine records. Not special.

Financial accounting that seemed difficult
SAP FI Module Consultant, who felt only high entry barriers.
I will try to use the language that is used in everyday life as easily as possible.




If you after got know,


Nothing special.

I'll write everything down here I know. Whether someone sees it or not.

In my case, knowing the accounts made me familiar with SAP easily.

So I’m going to write down my daily stories as well as my accounting stories.

Opening a number of useful courses!

I offer and share courses ranging from basic accounting concepts to SAP FI Configuration to actual business processes.

Let's try this.

This is my private Blog!

It’s a very personal blog.
I made it to organize the data by myself.

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Things to notice on this blog

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You can store a variety of different media.


It is operated as a member and may be limited to access by group.

Private information

Some sensitive information can only be shared privately within a specific group.


Not only can you communicate with your instructor, but you can also communicate with each other through


Financial Accounting?

Let’s learn the concept of accounting.


You can briefly summarize the principles of financial accounting and how SAP FI was integrated.


Questions and to answer questions. There are communicated with each other, too.


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